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Article: PESHTEMAL: The Turkish Towel

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PESHTEMAL: The Turkish Towel

What is a Turkish Towel?

In Turkish, a Turkish Towel is called a Peshtemal. It is a rectangular woven cloth that is worn to cover the body. In Turkey, it is common to see Peshtemals used in Turkish baths and spas.

Where did Peshtemals (Turkish Towels) originate? 

Peshtemals are one of the most primitive garments. One could argue that they were the original clothing item of humanity. Over time, peshtemals have gradually changed into different shapes and have diversified. Peshtemals were and still are the staple of Persian and Ottoman Bath (Hammam) culture. Dating back hundreds of years, the peshtemal was designed to be highly absorbent and fast drying for bathers to use. 

During the Ottoman times, a loincloth-wearing ceremony was held when those who learned a craft in the craftsmen's guilds would become masters after becoming apprentices and journeymen. After wearing the peshtemal, the master who wanted to open a shop would pay a fee called ‘peshtemal to the owner’, depending on the situation of the place he would hold. 

How Can a Peshtemal (Turkish Towel) be used?

Today these ancient towels are complementary to every style and form of interior design! They bring a layer of gorgeous, yet simple patterns, making a space feel warm and welcoming.  They can be used in the bathroom, by the pool, as a blanket, while traveling or camping, at the spa or beach, and for picnics and exercise!

Peshtemals are now being made into bathrobes as well, which are especially preferred in concept and boutique hotels for a unique touch. Seamless weaving, one of the most important features of peshtemal, is also used in bathrobe models. It is also preferred in bathrooms prepared with the concept of hammam in order to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Another model that we can show among the modern peshtemal models is the models that switch in different tones of a color instead of the usual plaid pattern. You can often see these peshtemal, in which pink, blue and red tones are used extensively, by the sea and by the pool. 

Make sure to get your PASHA Turkish Towel today! The combination of ancient quality and modern luxury will have everyone asking where you got it!

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