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Article: 9 Reasons You Must Have a PASHA Turkish Towel

9 Reasons You Must Have a PASHA Turkish Towel

1. Instant Style Upgrade

Going to the gym, beach, spa, pool or vacation? When it comes to style, towels may not be the first thing to come to mind, but without PASHA Turkish towels in your style arsenal you are coming up short.  A stylish, eye pleasing towel is an essential piece of your style when heading to any of the above locations.  Our neutral toned colors and simple, elegant patterns will elevate your style status.  You can ditch that 10 year old, worn, raggedy beach towel for a sturdy, soft and stylish, PASHA Towel.


2. Increase in Compliments

If you don’t like compliments on things you buy, then I don’t recommend buying a PASHA Towel.  These towels are magnets for compliments and attention.  People are drawn to these towels like bugs to a lantern.  Whether you take it to the gym, beach, spa or on vacation, people always ask about it.  Your friends and family will be asking you where and how they can get their own!


3. Oversized Towels to Increase Your Tanning Space

With some towels, stretching them out to suntan at the beach can mean risky, sandy business.  PASHA Towels are oversized and ready to support you in your suntanning ambitions.  Whether it’s just 20 minutes of Vitamin D or a full day, full body bronzing buffet, PASHA has got you covered.  Feel the freedom to stretch out as much as you like and still be on some towel. 


4. Sand Free

Say hello to sand free towels!  Unlike other towels, PASHA Towels are sand resistant!  These towels shake off the sand quickly and easily after a trip to the beach.  No more sand in your car, in your bag or in your house once you start to use these towels! The tightly woven Turkish Cotton keeps the sand on the surface of the towel and easily comes after a few shakes.


5. Damp Smell is Over

Say goodbye to damp towels! These towels dry fast and won’t leave your beach bag smelling like a locker room.  Additionally, when taking them out of the washing machine, they dry in less than half the time of normal bath towels.  Due to their ability to dry quickly, they can be used for twice as long as normal bath towels before needing to be washed.


6. Supports Worthy Causes

Every order you make supports orphans, widows and refugees.  We work directly with churches in the Middle East to ensure that all of our donations make it into the right hands and further the cause of helping those who need it the most.  We believe it is our responsibility to facilitate human flourishing and administer healing to the nations.  One way we do that is through our programs that support refugees, widows and orphans in the Middle East.  Turkey is home to 5-6 million documented refugees and hosts the largest population of refugees of any country in the world.  As we live and do business in Turkey, we are seeking to administer restoration in small ways such as these.  Initiatives include food donation, university scholarships, VBS for Afghan children, teaching English and housing projects.


7. Always 100% Organic

At PASHA we source all our products from Turkey, which grows all their cotton organically.  This reduces the environmental impact of pesticides, promoting responsible and healthy stewardship of the earth.  100% organic natural fibers keep the skin and body of you and your loved ones free of harmful free radicals.  Enjoy our towels, knowing your purchase is healthy for you and for the earth.


8. Lightweight, Travel Friendly

Our PASHA Towels are lightweight, roll and pack easily into backpacks, suitcases and beach bags.  These towels are compact and don’t take up much space, but still have the ability to roll out, cover large surfaces on grass or sand and wrap you up and dry you off when wet.  At .9 lbs, this towel will not tip the scale on your suitcase travel limits. It is a must have for the travel lover, wanderer or efficiently minded packer.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend trip to the shore or mountains or a 6 week trek through South Asia, PASHA Towels has got you covered. 


9. 365 Day Guarantee

We believe in our towels.  These towels really can last you a lifetime.  That’s why we give all our clients the opportunity to return the towels for any reason for up to 365 days within their purchase for a complete refund.  We want you to be able to experience PASHA risk free. We believe you will love our towels as much as we do!


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